How to Master Crow Pose and Begin Your Arm Balancing Journey

How to Master Crow Pose and Begin Your Arm Balancing Journey

Crow Pose
Crow Pose

When I first began my yoga practice, I was so amazed when my instructor would demonstrate crow pose, known as Bakasana in sanskrit. I didn’t believe it was possible to achieve, but as I got stronger in my practice, crow pose became the gateway to the wonderful world of arm balancing!




  1. Practice Regularly – The first and most important key to crow, or any asana, is a regular yoga practice. When practicing often, one becomes more aware of alignment, balance, and strength needed to unlock gates of arm balancing.
  2. Chaturanga – When taking a vinyasa cycle, make an effort to give chaturanga one full breath cycle. Get familiar with the upper body muscle group used to support this posture. Your triceps are the most dominant muscles engaged in a half push up. Most importantly, align your hands directly under your shoulders and notice that your elbows are pointing directly behind you. These careful adjustments in your alignment will help you build a strong foundation in bakasana.
  3. Core Strength – Though upper body strength may provide you with a solid foundation for crow, a strong core will help you to lift up, balance and hold a crow pose for longer. Plank, side plank, extended triangle pose, and boat pose are just a few of the many asanas that will lead you into a strong and supportive core.
  4. Hip and Knee Flexibility – Open hips and knee-joint are important in crow pose. Practice hip opening postures such as malasana, supported lunge, and pigeon.
  5. Fly! – Remember your chaturanga arms and take malasana legs as you prepare for crow. Ground your palms and your slowly shift your weight forward. Bring your gaze forward, ahead of your fingertips. As your weight shifts forward recruit your core muscles and finally, lift your chins.
  6. Props – Don’t be afraid to place a block under your feet so get a feel of how your body should feel while in crow pose. Also, place a blanket in front of you if you are afraid of tipping over.
  7. Have fun! – This is your personal journey. Don’t forget that what happens on your mat is a special and unique experience. Be kind to your body and your body will be kind to you.

5 thoughts on “How to Master Crow Pose and Begin Your Arm Balancing Journey

  1. This is so encouraging because I have been working on this pose for so long and am getting close to mastering it. It’s driving me crazy which is a very non-yoga feeling! Thanks for the follow and I look forward to reading more 🙂


    1. If you’re still pretty active with keeping up your strength training, then you should be able to get your crow back easily. I gradually learned how to hold crow for a long time by practicing it every chance I got. It’s so much fun for me! My favorite is jumping back from crow or even lifting a leg!


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